Get Tuner ID

Hi, Welcome to HowTrick.Com Tuner Agreement Page.

We have some requirement and rules for each tuner (Author). Please read Carefully our Guideline and Rules if you want to be an Author.

  • You Can Write Post In Bangla and English Only
  • You Can’t Copy Other Website’s Posts into This Website
  • You Can’t Post That Mentioned The Country Law
  • You Must Have To Select an Image 1280/720p For Thumbnail
  • You Must Have To Select The Category Of Your Post Type
  • Title Must Be Contain Less Than 15 Words
  • Content Must Be Contain 360 Words
  • Minimum 3Tags Required For Per Post
  • Violate Post Not Allowed Such As Mp3 Song
  • Check Notifications If SomeOne Commented on Your Posts
  • Reply To Your Post Comments When They Need Help
  • Don’t Use Bad Language In Comments or Posts.

If You Do any Violations from the above lists, your Tuner ID will be Permanently Disabled.

If You Agree, You are welcome. Please Click On The Tuner Request Form Button and Fill-up the Required Fields and Apply.