Email Server Webmail Script & Corporate Email

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Email Server Webmail Script & Corporate Email

email server Webmail Script

Email Server


the corporate email and webmail script can help you to make your own email management website such as hotmail or yahoo. this script is most powerful for user interface. it’s a paid webmail script, you can buy the email server script email & webmail script for making your own email service website. here users must login or signup for starting mailing their friends and family. this inout webmail script have usable features that can use by your users. administrator have permission to control what can do action by the users. Webmail and chat solutions for small/medium sized businesses. Inout Webmail script is loaded with state of the art features and it allows all mail operations under the same page without reloading the page. This gives you blazing fast response, ease of use and Gmail like performance but without the huge costs. The web based live chat service with instant messaging and group chat options can keep your users always connected. Advanced features like efficient spam protection, mail filtering and conversation grouping makes email management a bliss. The address book feature helps your users maintain and organize their contacts easily. For larger enterprises, Inout Webmail comes with Hypertable to handle large amounts of data at high speeds.

Email Server Webmail Script

1. Very fast, AJAX based Email Service
2.Reliable, organized and secure Email Service
3.Featured Web Based Live Chat Service
4.Featured Web Based Calendar
5.Optional Hypertable Backend for Huge Data Management
6.Inout Webmail Preview Pane provides users with the ability to preview emails before opening them
7.Advanced search allows users to search mails based on their special criteria & Much More!!!
Inout Scripts have been providing solutions to small business worldwide for nearly nine years. Inout Webmail has been one of the most successful webmail portal script, providing a feature rich environment with a user friendly interface with unlimited accounts, scalable architecture and fully loaded with chat solutions, calendars and all that you require. Inout Webmail is a one-time paid email portal script designed for small to medium businesses around the world.

Protection Enabled

The powerful spam protection and login security makes Inout Webmail suitable for your professional business requirements. It is designed in such a way that, users can easily navigate through and organize emails.

Unlimited Email Accounts

Inout Webmail has no restrictions on number of email accounts. This Webmail script is designed to scale and maintain high performance as users and traffic increases.

Powerful Spam Protection

Intelligent Spam protection system helps to keep the mail box clean. Explicit spam filtering rules and precise black and white lists can be configured. Our Spam Filter Checks each email and decides whether it should be delivered in in-box or spam folder.

Direct Delivery to Custom Folders

Inout Webmail now allows your users to deliver emails not just in Inbox, but directly to their specified folders based on a set of rules. Users can define the rules and conditions based on the Sender email addresses, email subject and/or email contents.

Live Chat

Inout Webmail is integrated with an easy to use chat service that keeps your users always connected. Familiar chat interface with instant messaging, emotions, real-time alerts and group chatting facility makes their communications just a click away. Users would love to use our features like customizable user status, automatic logging of chat history and contact facilities. This service also lets your users to have concurrent chat sessions and easy switchovers.

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