Google Search Console – Change your website preferred domain

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howdy peoples, in this tutorial i will show you how you can change your website preferred domain from google search console. if you was add your website into google search console then you can change you preferred domain for search results by google.but if you don’t know how to add your website into google webmasters tools or google search console just follow my below tutorial.may it will help you.

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What is Preferred domain?

we know about www or non www version for a website domain.non www is a preferred domain,and it’s best for google search can use www or non www for your website but it’s not, google and others search engine suggest you to use non www domain.i know about the seo friendly domain is the best non www version that be preferred domain.

How to change Preferred Domain?

it’s easy,but not need to follow my previous tutorial that posted for verify your website property shared above with link.when you followed my previous tutorial,now you can read this first go to google search console and Click on ADD A PROPERTY.remember, we was add our website before using e.g, but now it will be add your website domain name e.g and click on ADD button.after that you will redirect another page,and first you can see a option named Recommended method.below you can see a html on this file link,then it want permission from you for this file and go to your web hosting public_html then upload this html file.remember, don’t edit this html file,it was generated by google.after that verify your property by clicking VERIFY button.then google redirect to you a congratulations page.think – we was added this website before without we have two domain parked into google search go to google search console home.then click on and then you can see a option in the right section of your domain name that have a icon like Gear or in this icon and you can see more options by drop down on Site Settings and then first section of setting you can see three options.just select last option named Display Url as now click on save change.yes now your non www preferred domain is successfully set.


Some Of Thinks

[quote bgcolor=”#ea07c4″ arrow=”yes”]don’t set crew rate,don’t make your website link custom fetched.carefully use your website settings by the google search console.i will post my new article about how you can add your website sitemap in google search, if you don’t understand any functions without preferred domain please don’t try to make change anything from your website that index by google search console.we will learn about the google search console and i will share most valuable articles about the google search console.don’t worry and don’t be alone,i’m always with you to teach more thinking about.[/quote]

if you don’t understand some words or query just drop your comment.i will try to solve this for you.

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