How To Add Skype Share Button In Your WordPress Site – WordPress Tricks

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How To Add Skype Share Button In Your WordPress Site - WordPress Tricks

Hi WordPress Welcome To Our Special WordPress Tricks Site. In This Tutorial I Will Show You How To Add Skype Share Button In Your WordPress Website. We didn’t Either Until a Reader Asked Us For a Tutorial On How To Add The Skype Share Button In WordPress. Skype Is One Of The Most Popular Communication Apps In The World. In This Article, I Will Show You How To Easily Add a Skype Share Button In WordPress. You Can Do This By Skype Share Plugin In Your WordPress Website. First Install The Skype Share Plugin To Your WordPress Site. Then You Can Make Change The Functions From Skype Plugin Settings Look Like The Below Image.

How To Add Skype Share Button In Your WordPress Site - WordPress Tricks

Manually Add Skype Share Button To WordPress Posts

First Go To your WordPress Theme Header.php File And Copy Past The Below Code.

// Place this code in the head section of your HTML file 
(function(r, d, s) {
	r.loadSkypeWebSdkAsync = r.loadSkypeWebSdkAsync || function(p) {
		var js, sjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];
		if (d.getElementById( { return; }
		js = d.createElement(s); =;
		js.src = p.scriptToLoad;
		js.onload = p.callback
		sjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, sjs);
	var p = {
		scriptToLoad: '',
		id: 'skype_web_sdk'
})(window, document, 'script');

After That Save The header.php File. And Now Go To The File Where You Want To Show The Skype Share Button Such As single.php File.

<div class='skype-share' data-href='<?php the_permalink(); ?>' data-lang='en-US' data-text='<?php the_title(); ?>' data-style='large' ></div>

Now Save The single.php File. Read A Post From Your Website And Scroll Down To Bottom Then You Can See The Skype Share Button Working Fine. Hope This WordPress Skype Share Button Tricks Will Help You.

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