SEO – Backlink Building Technique

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hi howdy,welcome to my part of part seo tutorials guide i will show you off page optimizations. a valuable website need off page optimization for get best site building is a good practice for getting valuable rank for a’s call BackLink that we say link building,in this matter i’m going to show you instructions of backlink building.

What is Back Link?

suppose, you are a great person and you have 200 peoples for support you.and they also normal quality peoples.and same others person have many peoples like yours,but there are blind and some peoples are normal.if you and this person going to field for boxing then who will be winner? absolutely you,because of you have 200 normal peoples and this person’s peoples more than this a website backlink.if your website have 200+ normal backlink like 150+  working your website going to up,and this person’s website going to be down from higher rank.backlink means social share, and submit your website link into a blog website.

Backlink Building

2 type’s of backlink peoples making list below.

  1. Auto Backlink
  2. Genuine Backlink

Auto Backlink

i was write a story above that proved you – your supported peoples is blind,so you can’t going to higher rank for your website.unlimited website have that building you thousand of backlink in few minutes.and they also send you link where they submitted your website link.but it’s also harm your website form search engine and i can suggest you that don’t create backlink from auto backlink builder website.

Genuine Backlink

Genuine backlink give you better response for getting higher rank for your website.genuine backlink have some of tricks for make your link better for higher rank.backlink have some special rank listed below.

  • PR7
  • PR8

Above listed without have more PR7 level,i just write two PR 7 and 8.PR 7 and 8 is the best quality of a website don’t need to know PR just build backlink for your website.PR backlink you can found from Invested seo website.there you need money to increase your website backlink with PR.

How to make free backlink?

it’s not hard but don’t worry it’s not easy.if you want to make backlink for your website freely just you need to submit your website link into popular website like Facebook, Google Plus, and Blog.if this website administrator allow your link Congratulations! you got a backlink for your website and it will show you after 1 Month in alexa rank.continue you can submit your website into the popular website then your website will be rank higher.


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  1. At your post you have discussion about link building technique . I think Genuine Back link method is very effective for SEO . Your writing discussion is good . Keep it all the best .

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