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guys, web developers need to submit there website in web search engine.i was write a tutorial about google search console,but today i’m going to show you how to submit your website into bing webmasters tools.but it’s required to know you about the search engine.we are going to discuss about the Bing search this tutorial you can found about the bing webmasters tools website submitting solutions.below i was shared some special about of bing search engine.

What is Bing Search Engine?

well,bing search engine a web search engine like goolge search search engine work same like google search is a grat search engine like have robots like work with website but it look like google search engine.if you know about search engine you will be understand the bing search engine.but if you don’t have idea about search engine just read this topic.

Bing Webmasters Tools

bing webmasters tools have robots.txt, sitemap, preferred domain and needed all of the functions like google search webmasters tools helping the web developers to optimize there website and indexing website content into the search results by bing webmasters tools for the webmasters tools for available users permission to submit there website in bing directory and database.when you will submit your website into bing webmasters tools,bing can start your website for crawling.

Submit Your Website Bing

at first you need to go bing webmasters tools and signing via your microsoft work with yahoo search engine and microsoft.if you don’t have microsoft account just simply create a account and signing into bing search engine.enter the URL of your home page, and click on the ADD button. This takes you to a screen to enter a sitemap URL and to enter some basic day parting information.first input your website link into URL section and next enter your wbsite sitemap URL into Add Sitemap Input All Days for your website Local Time.Once you’ve clicked the ADD button you’ll be taken to the dashboard page where you’ll see a thumbnail of the home page and a note informing you that you need to verify the site. To do so, click on the “Verify Now” verify meta tag,you can get the meta tag verification code,just put the meta verification code into your website <head> section.With this option you’ll take the line of code provided and place it in thesection of the home page of your site. Once it’s there you click the Verify button at the bottom of the page.after that bing redirect you to the Dashboard of your click on Configure My Site Function,Clicking on this tab will give you a dashboard of data for items that you can affect when configuring your site. Clicking on the sub-tabs will give you more detail and allow you to make changes where can submit your website sitemap link there.


well, congratulations..! your site now be indexing in bing and yahoo search engine after few business days.hope you will be helped by this article and bing/yahoo start crawling your website also.if you have any questions about this article,just drop your comment below.



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