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hi seo beginners.we know about the basic practice of articles trying to understanding you how to seo your website and youtube video for getting high average traffic from google or others search this tutorial we going to discussing about google keyword have more useful tools for website analysis and’s the best google free tool call google keyword planner.take a look about Google Keyword Planner.


specially we just want more of visitors into our website and youtube channel.get touch about seo backing previous tutorials.well,now we are going to know how to use google keywords planner and research keywords or using instructions.


Google Keyword PLanner

at first go to the Google Keyword Planner and then you will see look like the below image and click on the login button and select your gmail account because of google required gmai account for using there services.

google keyword planner

after you login to your google keyword planner you have access for research your google keyword tool you can get viewing a option called “Search for a new keyword using a phrase, website or category” click this option for start typing your keyword thet targeted for research.suppose, i need to research a keyword around keyword planner look like this below image.


after you click on Get ideas button you can see look like the below image.i was mark the below image need section for you selected idea for how to you research keyword from google keyword planner.


above image i will show you the good monthly average searches traffic from google and others search engine.but this take google monthly search suggested options section what want to doing understand? above image you was seen top of table sectiono have Keyword (by relevance) | Avg-monthly searches | Competition | Suggest bid | Add to plan.below i was write about the table heading.

Keyword (by relevance)

keyword (by relevance) means the related or suggested keywords from can mean this type related for.this table only suggest you the related keywords this about of your targeted keyword.

Avg-monthly searches

this is a important think about your targeted keyword search average per month.if the search average showing you 10K – 100K this means you need t select this keyword for your blog or youtube video content.because of this average generated by the monthly searches from the world’s.and if you want to know about targeted locations just you need to select you locations form the Country Dropdown menu.last thing,research the best searches keywords by the monthly search average.


competition call the adwords ad for serving into google search paid ad by this keyword.low means the website owner not use hug so this competition limit is low.when the competition will show you high you need to understand this keyword competitors are hug for skip this keyword.

Suggest bid

if you want to promote your website from google you need to make a camping for paid advertising by google.and google also get cost from you,and you need to buy keywords for your site advertise.this suggest bid navigate you that if you want to show your website first by this keyword you need to pay the cost that $ output you from the competition table.


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