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hi seo beginners, today we are going to discussing about google search console. google search console is the most popular and useful tools for the webmasters. google search console can help you to index your website and website content into google search console database. before 2016 google was named it google webmasters tools,but now google was changed there webmasters tools to google search this tutorial i should write for the best seo and about the google search console.but before i will start talking about via google search console,you need to get basic knowledge of search engine optimization.below i was shared my some articles that can help you to getting good knowledge of search engine optimizations.


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above links you must need to read my previous articles about the SEO.then you can read this tutorial about google search console.


Google Search Console

what is google search console? we know all that google is a search engine and peoples can search there needed solutions.but google don’t have more than content for solve your searches query.but google is a best search engine in this world’ search console is the webmasters tools that can helps webmasters to index there website and content in google search results.and it’s the competitions for every send there robots to crew the website’’s wide have unlimited website hosted and increasing ever.and google always updating there search console rules and terms.specially google suggested all of the webmasters to improve seo in there website for getting traffic from there search engine.

How To Work Goole Search Console?

when webmaster submit there website to google search console,google can start to indexing from the website content into there database.and if this website research keywords for then google suggest the peoples to go list of website from search have seo rules for webmasters that instructions about search console.

How TO Submit Your Website on Google Search Console?

good thinks….! now we are going to submit our website on google search first you need to have a website and sufficient content.then you can submit your website into google webmasters you can follow the instructions about how to submit your website on google search console.


at first go to google search console and select a gmail account of your you can see a button in this website right sections ADD A on add a property, then input your website link e.g or . you can add your subdomain or page there e.g or you input your website then click on blue color ADD button.after you clicked google can redirect you in a page.there you can see two heading 1. Recommended method. 2. Alternate Methods.basically click on Alternate Methods option,and click on HTML tag option from below link.then copy the meta code and past into your website header section before closing </head>.while you finished to added this meta code into your website header simply go back to google search console and click on the VERIFY button.then you will get a congratulations’s means your website successfully verified by google search console.

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