Privacy Law

Read our privacy law carefully,it’s look like a road map about our website user instructions.HowTrcik.Com writing valuable and unique content that you need to agree our privacy.we got listed law for use our services,read below list of user guideline:

  • Discussion Matter (Comment Law)
  • Agree Our Privacy (Required)

Discussion Matter (Comment Law)

You need to agree our discussion matter that we detected into our comment law.we doesn’t accept buy, selling product and link comment that means you can’t comment into a post around this above violations or spam.if you don’t agree with our comment law so, don’t comment any of our’s a security and users positive can comment into our post include post related matter.yes we accept you then.

Agree Our Privacy (Required)

hardly you need to agree with our privacy statement.we have some reading and discussion statement that surely you have to learn before use our services.below list give you some of privacy required by the privacy law.

  • Reading Measure
  • Discussion with Information
  • Understand before Use
  • Contact Law

read the statement and agree the Privacy if you want to use our services.

Reading Measure

read our posted content that you finding for have to understanding our content around the solutions.step by step you need to read carefully when it’s include the device measure article.improve the instruction before successfully understood our content you founded from you have to read our posted article carefully then improve into your device or life.

Discussion with Information

discussion and information law of inquiry every don’t have permission into comment section if you don’t agree us.we posting content about peoples interested method,we hardly try to keep expert our customer’s or visitor’s from our here we couldn’t accept some list of law around HowTrick.Com Privacy,list below.

  • Discuss About Current Article
  • Link Not Allow

Discuss About Current Article

[quote bgcolor=”#e2e2e2″ arrow=”yes”]you can discuss about the current article that you are reading have permission to comment in the article and you want to know about or suggest by other person.but you don’t have permission to make your comment for product selling or make backlink or visitor by the out bound link.discuss with the post author or others peoples around the post information.[/quote]

Link Not Allow

[quote bgcolor=”#e2e2e2″ arrow=”yes”]link not allow that not validate or never include about the have permission to comment link about the post or new solutions that other person want to know about the post information.but we didn’t accept if you try to scam or spam into our post discussion that not meaning about the post.don’t use bad language with peoples.don’t attach link or file that we can’t  accept,we was discuss in this mater above. [/quote]

Understand before Use

we publish content about computer or, you need to understanding our terms before using this instructions into your device.we post an article after verified by us,so you have to read our content or services carefully.we can’t take your risk if your device or computers will death.use our service with your own risk but it’s not meaning of you have problems using our at least you need to understanding the article that you improve into your life or devices.

Contact Law

You can contact with us but need to agree us.if you face any kind of problems around our website, tutorials and others measure including our services you can contact with us.if our bug’s problems detected by you then you can contact with don’t have permission to contact with us when you need help but could not publishing.use our contact form for get touch with us.